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Bring a Master Class to Your Studio

All you have to decide is what apparatus

you would like us to bring!

Aerial Hammock

Skill Level: Beginner

Our aerial hammock curriculum is the perfect introduction into aerial dance. We rig the hammocks at waste height to facilitate a seamless entry in and out of the apparatus. This allows you to immerse yourself in the artistry of dance and explore the relationship between you, the floor, and the apparatus. 


Dance Trapeze

Skill Level: Intermediate

Our Dance Trapeze course is the next advancement in our Aerial Dance for Dancers series after the aerial hammock.  This class builds on top on foundational skills learned in the hammock curriculum, but also challenges students to adapt to the more rigid nature of the apparatus.  

Aerial Silks

Skill Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

This class is for people who have a basic understanding of aerial concepts. It draws from fundamental progressions introduced in the hammock and trapeze class, but requires more upper body strength.


Aerial Hoop

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Lastly, we have our aerial hoop curriculum. This is the last apparatus in our Aerial Dance for dancers series as it incorporates learned fundamentals but demands more on the body. The rigid nature of the apparatus asks dancers to be stronger and more flexible which is why we recommend it for more advanced aerialists.

Don't Have a Studio?

That's Okay!

If you don't have a studio to offer a masterclass but you have a group interested in taking our course, send us a message and let's discuss some options!

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